Alpha Kappa Psi offers our student and alumni members a wide variety of opportunities starting with their student experience and continuing on through their alumni experience. Below are just some of the opportunities available to the students and alumni. As Alpha Kappa Psi continues to grow, so do the opportunities.

Chapter Officer Tools

  • Collegiate chapters must meet all of the following minimum standards each year:
    1. Initiate at least 10 new student members
    2. Year-end chapter size of at least 20 members
    3. Conduct at least six professional events
    4. Each chapter member must attend at least two professional events
    5. Attend at least one fraternity-sponsored event
    6. Attend regional officer training 
    7. Have a current balance on December 31
    8. Have a current balance on June 30
    9. Follow the minimum Pledge Education Program (PEP) standards


Alpha Kappa Psi provides multiple events, scheduled throughout the year, for our student and alumni members. All programs are values-based and are designed to help members develop their professional, personal, fraternal and leadership skills.



Educational opportunities offered by Alpha Kappa Psi range from online webinars and eLearnings to paperback guides. These opportunities are offered to our student members as well as our alumni members.


Alumni and Volunteers

After our student members graduate from college and enter into the work force, they tend to keep the strong connection to Alpha Kappa Psi by coming back and helping current student members as well as fellow alumni members through volunteering and/or joining a local alumni chapter. 

Invest in You

Alpha Kappa Psi’s vision is to be recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders. We know you are committed to helping the fraternity meet this vision in many ways, such as by advertising the benefits of membership to fellow students.

Alpha Kappa Psi is providing an incentive to help kick your membership drive into gear – a little competition between chapters of your size. Chapters working together can increase membership in Alpha Kappa Psi; therefore, we are announcing the 3rd annual "Invest in You” membership campaign to run through June 30, 2014.


Insurance and Risk Management

Because everything we do in life contains an element of risk, Alpha Kappa Psi carries liability and accident insurance that covers all undergraduate chapters and members in the event of a mishap.  All members should understand the basics of the liability and accident insurance programs and be well versed in regards to our risk management policies and education.


Forms and Documents


Awards Catalogue

This awards catalogue provides recognition opportunities for those individuals who demonstrate outstanding service to Alpha Kappa Psi. These awards spotlight the accomplishments of student/alumni members and non-members while spreading good will throughout the chapter, university and community.

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